There is no need for further description of the miserable situation we are all going through, since we all sense it in every possible way, every day.

The only thing missing, is the one, definite and effective action.

And this action, is proposed here, by independent,  and determined Greek Citizens:


which are independent and determined,

we meet in a public gathering, 

we form National Assembly

(“Greeks’ Will”)



to give the political power

back  to the hands of the Greek people. 

This is the only necessary and sufficient condition to solve the rest of our problems. The low level of education, decline of morals, our economic problems, high taxation, the unemployed, the homeless, the suicides, all these are results of one and only fact: that others decide for us,  without us, and they decide in order to serve the interests of others and not the interests of the Greek people.

But, today,  the time has come,

to restore Democracy

in the land Democracy was born.

For this purpose we call all Greek citizens to become “soldiers” for  

the “2013 Marathon mission project ”

2013 Marathon mission, is not another political protest movement, or just a solidarity or overthrow movement. Moreover, does not focus in any kind of political intervention or respective aim. 
It is just a “mission” (operation, attempt) aiming at the establishment and organization of one very important goal: the unity of Greek people with the participation of institutional power, the constitution of the National Assembly -via which the Greek society will demand “here and now” the restoration of power on the hands of the only rightful and sovereign that is the Greek people; Like it is stated by the Constitution and not like it is exercised now by the governing political and economical oligarchy  disguised as Democracy.

The very next moment after the end of the current operation, 2013 marathon mission, will pass in history just like it is, as an attempt (for which we are already working to be  successful) of the Greek people to restore Democracy in their country. 
This  “mission”, in an initiative of independent, determined citizens  that have observed the weakness of gathering small or medium-sized movements and parties have, or other movements, and any kind of resistance movements against the captivity of Memoranda and the ruling political and economic oligarchy. This weakness stems from personal ambitions or suspicion on behalf of those movements’ heads.

Many movements preach democracy and legitimacy.  So, here it is:  one common meeting place  for all, where everybody is called to participate, without hegemonic aspirations, hundreds  of thousands people -Independent, Free, Determined- who they demand the unity of all these small streams into a torrent that will clean the “Augeas’s dung.”


The Group of five.


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